5 Ways to Support an Alcoholic in Recovery Riverside Recovery of Tampa

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5 Ways to Support an Alcoholic in Recovery Riverside Recovery of Tampa

Just as the individual in recovery will require support from family and friends, it will also be important for family members to have support. Keeping someone in recovery away from the temptation of using is essential, especially in the first year of recovery. This is why many people prefer inpatient rehab programs; they get the addict away from the environment in which they were using.

  • Fortunately, there are many programs available for family members of a recovering alcoholic.
  • Healing from addiction—especially alcohol addiction—includes regaining the ability to handle one’s own emotions without using substances as a crutch or diversion.
  • Maintaining your sobriety requires time and hard work – both during and after treatment.
  • The best way to find out the person’s boundaries and temptations when it comes to alcohol is to simply ask them.

After rehab, you may notice that your relationships with family members and friends have changed. There are many factors that can contribute to strained relationships while in an active addiction. Patterns of manipulation, cheating, stealing or abusive behavior are common among those suffering from the grips of addiction. Over time, these actions can negatively impact relationships with loved ones. This is especially beneficial for those involved in an unstable home environment before treatment.

Learn About the Recovery Process

An important aspect of recovery is learning how to take responsibility for your actions, and as a result, forego the blame game. Instead of blaming one another for wrongdoings, you and your family members can finally begin to forgive one another for past mistakes and work on improving behaviors today. As you continue working the 12 steps and making your amends, all of your efforts may contribute to establishing healthy and wholesome relationships with your loved ones.

When a romantic relationship is also budding during recovery, it’s possible that codependency patterns may emerge. Therefore, transferring intense emotions without doing the inner work first can be the downfall of both the relationship and sobriety. Now is the time to remember that loving someone in recovery means wanting them to succeed, and that has to be more important than the success of the relationship.

Practice Healthy Living

As you progress in your recovery journey, the frequency of your counseling sessions may begin to decrease. However, it’s important to check in with your therapist on a regular basis to evaluate your recovery goals and outcomes. Some therapists will even suggest you call them if you experience triggers and need advice on how to cope. Once out of rehab, individual counseling remains a crucial step in recovery.

  • Some couples can thrive immediately after the addicted partner becomes sober.
  • But saying things like, “If you loved me, you’d quit,” is damaging behavior that almost never works.
  • After two years of sobriety, the relapse rate drops to 40 percent.
  • We have compiled 7 tips that explain how to help a recovering alcoholic when you live under the same roof.

Living with a recovering alcoholic can be a challenging experience, but it can also be rewarding. Seeing someone struggle and grow stronger every day is one of the toughest things a person can face. It takes patience, understanding, and emotional support for someone who is working to overcome addiction. As a group, they are able to speak about painful emotions and underlying issues in s safe, guided environment. Everyone can work toward a successful recovery and help their loved one live a sober life.

Recovering Alcoholics and Mood Swings are Common.

If the partner living with SUD hasn’t found healthy ways to cope with the trauma or PTSD, then it could begin to affect them in negative ways. But originally, it was created to describe the romantic partners (usually women, although we now know that men can become codependent as well) of people with SUD. By setting the right expectations and considering treatment for yourself, you can overcome https://curiousmindmagazine.com/selecting-the-most-suitable-sober-house-for-addiction-recovery/ addiction together with your partner. Obviously, the main objective is to prevent relapse and it is important that you approach the situation with the right frame of mind. Here are some points to consider and work out for yourself before the rehab graduate returns home. At Sober Life San Diego, we are dedicated to giving your loved ones the care they deserve, contact us today.

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